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Non-Financial Retirement Strategies

Retirement coaching provides pre-retired and retired individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to make conscious decisions that empower well-informed choices along the life journey from Career2Retirement.  Your decisions enable fulfillment in four vital aspects of life during retirement.  They are not equal quadrants but rather flexible domains that change constantly as you evolve through your life stages.

  • Physical—If health is wealth, what’s your value?  Focus on what’s in your control: nutrition, exercise, and life balance, to name a few.
  • Mental/Emotional—Do you find happiness and self-worth beyond your work?
  • Social—How can you recognize and address discontent regarding your interactions, relationships, and connections?
  • Spiritual—How can you redefine your purpose to reflect that what you do and who you are still matter, perhaps even more than ever?

Traditionally, retirement planning was a matter of dollars and cents—the “paperwork of life,” as described by a leading financial planning author.  While financial resources are certainly important, your shift toward the “new retirement” can include cycles of discovery and informed choices to help you envision and create pathways for something deeper and more meaningful—your life of choice.

“The first half of life is devoted to forming a healthy ego; the second half is going inward and letting go of it.”

C.G. Jung

As you choose how to invest the next 30–40 years of your life, retirement coaching helps you discover passion, happiness, purpose, vitality, energy, and inspiration.  Retirement coaching offers clarity and direction to enable you to plan the second half of your life of choice.

I help employees of corporate clients assess their non-financial retirement readiness, and then I work with them to co-create strategies for their retirement transitions.  I offer group, couples, and individual retirement coaching.  

Life is a Series of Transitions

Transitions and change—these two words evoke feelings of fear, anxiety, and uneasiness.  You might get a queasy feeling in your gut when things are out of your control, or you’re unsure about how to make your next choice.  Early in retirement, you may feel fear and uncertainty, but at the same time, you can find excitement and optimism as you remind yourself of what you envision for your future.  Boredom and loneliness are other feelings many retirees recognize.  Coaching helps you develop strategies to become consciously aware of these feelings and then use this recognition to create in-the-moment opportunities.

As a certified retirement options coach, I co-create your strategy for the retirement transition.

A Path for Retirement Coaching

Change is hard; retirement coaching through Career2Retirement provides a self-directed path forward, helping you understand, believe, and act in the direction of your values and personal beliefs.  My retirement coaching style is one of trust, appreciation, optimism, creativity, kindness, and respect, meeting you where you are—retired, pre-retired, or in your early 50s, just discovering what’s ahead as you enter your second half of life.  

Understand (Self-Awareness)

Emotional life transition events, such as retirement, rewire our brains.  It is important to reassess our thinking about personal change and growth along the journey from Career2Retirement.  My retirement coaching can help you recognize, understand, and shift old attitudes and beliefs that may have been appropriate when you were in the workplace.  Now, in the second half of your life, you can look inward and accept your weaknesses and strengths in order to develop a new vision.  New self-awareness leads to possibilities.  Possibilities produce choices, which then become actions.  Retirement coaching is discovering, understanding, and exploring your options.

My coaching strengths include my ability to create space for reflection, introspection, and self-examination.  My expertise will lead you to the “aha moments” that are waiting to be revealed at your right time.

Believe (Optimism)

How are you approaching retirement?  If your job was eliminated, can you view your life as a blank page?  When you choose a time to leave the workplace, the planning and choices often start years in advance.  Intentional exploration and discovery enables you to understand the behaviors and mindsets you have used to approach prior transitions in your life.  New self-awareness will provide the confidence and resilience to help you ride the emotional ups and downs of your second half of life, allowing you to feel your way forward as you work through your old ways of acting and develop new ones.  Let optimism light the path forward.

Coaching co-creates the path from here to retirement using tools designed to assess your readiness.  As a certified retirement coach, I use the Retirement Success Profile™ to identify personal strengths and areas of focus from 15 retirement success factors.  Client exercises and one-on-one coaching conversations will help you sharpen your focus on these 15 factors, heightening their personal meaning for you.

Act (According to Your Values)

What’s important—your values—should guide your choices in a continual cycle of growth and development during your second half of life.

My coaching can provide you with new attitudes, outlooks, and behaviors.  From this place of new knowledge and skills, I will help you act based on a clear understanding of your values so that you can make better choices during this time of transition.  You may choose to consult, volunteer, work part time, pursue hobbies, or do any combination of things that bring meaning and purpose to your second half of life.  When you make the choice to retire, you will be decisive about retiring to do something rather than simply retiring from work.

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