My Learning Path

My Learning Path

Career2Retirement introduces My Learning Path. I work with clients one-on-one, utilizing modern cognitive science, adult learning theory, and formal and informal learning experiences. Together, we optimize your career development, intentionally building your learning experiences and Learning Path—one individual at a time. Career2Retirement collaborates in the development of individual learning initiatives for individuals, high-potential employees, emerging leaders, managers, and executives.

Corporate learning programs typically focus on the High Potential (HIPO) employee, with HIPO employees receiving the most corporate training dollars, as well as coaching and mentoring opportunities from top leaders. Career2Retirement recognizes that career development programs often fail to meet the needs of many career-minded individuals.

Do you relate to any of the following situations?

  • Skepticism of your employer’s training efforts.
  • Whose Learning Path is this—yours or mine?
  • Leaders who tell you, “This is how I learned, so this is how you should learn.”
  • A one-size-fits-all approach that does not meet your needs or learning style.
  • Information dumping instead of hard, practical advice, expertise, and development.
  • Frustration with efforts invested in promotions and nothing for lateral movement.
  • “Once & done, √ the box” training efforts disguised as professional development.

If the answer to any of these is yes, then My Learning Path is the development investment for you.

My Learning Path expands self-awareness.

If you believe that the axiom “A strength can become a weakness” is firmly imbedded in modern management philosophy, then you’ll agree increased self-awareness is the first step in professional development and personal growth. Effective personal talent development at the individual level is a journey of self-awareness, utilizing self-motivation, cognitive development (learning skills), and elements of adult learning theory. Feedback from Career2Retirement, along with input from peers and co-workers, provides additional insight that enables personal development and growth.

My Learning Path aligns self-awareness, personal values, learning style, and learning from experience.

As a professional development practitioner, I co-create experiences that enable you to develop a sense of mastery or competence. Most corporate clients are familiar with corporate competency development and individual competence that is typically recognized as signature strengths by individuals. Together, we explore how you can accelerate these concepts and determine how to move your Learning Path forward, learning from doing.

Awareness of our values is crucial to our success, as values act to guide our decisions and actions. We look at values as our beliefs about what is worthwhile and desirable. They serve to drive our learning choices and behavior. To help us discover the professional within, the VIA Institute on Character offers a free tool, VIA Survey of Character Strengths, for assessing and understanding your personal values.

My Learning Path builds and explores continuous pathways toward learning, growth, and development.

Recognition and the appropriate utilization of a learning style are crucial. According to the Kolb Learning Style Inventory developer, our learning style reflects our individual approach to learning. Our learning styles are not fixed traits but are influenced by personality types, educational specialization, career choices, current job role, and tasks, according to Kolb. We all learn differently, in different ways, and according to different circumstances. We start by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of our own style. We expand further to optimize the skills that are “opposite” (not yet optimized) through your present strengths. Your Learning Style Inventory is included with each 60- and 90-day journey.

My Learning Path creates your preferred learning environment.

Career2Retirement works to expand learning by creating new roles without changing jobs, and by exploring motivational abilities and capabilities via experiential learning assignments. The willingness and capability to learn from experience, and subsequently to apply that learning to perform successfully in new or first-time conditions, becomes one of the most critical success factors for professional development and the improvement of learning agility.

First-time experiences present inherent growth challenges and enormous opportunities. Such development assignments enable stretch and expansion, serving as one of the single greatest sources of personal development. Thanks to the classic “power of firsts,” these become development assignments where we gain specific experience from their structure and objectives. First-time experiences may include unfamiliar responsibilities, new directions, new acquisitions, inherited problems, and other first-time purposeful opportunities. My Learning Path can help.

My Learning Path journeys: Choice and flexibility

Career2Retirement offers a 30-, 60-, and 90-day Learning Path journey. Each package includes personalized one-on-one mentoring telephone sessions for 50 minutes each week with John (Skype is available). They are designed to help you reach your goals and scheduled at YOUR convenience. The 60- and 90-day journeys include email support between each 50-minute weekly session.

Your journey starts with a no-cost/no-obligation 30-minute Discovery Session to get us acquainted with each other. We’ll explore your challenges and concerns, establish understanding and clarity, and answer questions. In this way, you’re learning investment will incorporate both the journey and the destination.

Your selected journey program concludes with a 30-minute telephone coaching session to reinforce your newly acquired knowledge and galvanize actions to help you move forward along your Learning Path. Further coaching is available at preferred rates.

Contact John to schedule a no-cost/no-obligation 30-minute Discovery Session to find out how I can become your Chief Potential Officer to optimize your individual or corporate development and performance.

What’s your motivation and how can I help? It all starts with your call or email. There is never a charge for our initial appointment. With nothing to lose, you have everything to gain by contacting John.

John T. Mooney is the founder of Career2Retirement. He is an accomplished practitioner of many decades, leading human resource, organizational development, talent & change management enterprises across several industries ranging from 100 to 100,000 employees. As a seasoned professional development practitioner, talent management expert, and certified coach, John helps clients develop new ideas, visualize new goals, embrace new strategies, acquire new skills, and pursue individual growth opportunities. As a transitions expert, he also helps pre-retirees and retirees explore what’s possible and discover their dreams.

Contact us today or call us at 972-655-8755.

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