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What is Coaching?

As a certified coach, I collaborate in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your potential – on both a personal and professional level. Coaching affords an ongoing professional relationship that enables you to produce extraordinary results in your career, life and personal activities. In part, this is realized by our development of a trusting and authentic relationship and environment. This relationship accelerates reflection, self-discovery and openness, resulting in greater personal accountability and focused, effective actions of your choosing.

Why work with a Coach?

A coaching strategy enables you to acquire increased awareness, helping you facilitate choices and any subsequent changes. For example, one outcome may include informed decisions, aligned to your values and beliefs, empowering you to have more opportunities to evaluate outdated belief systems and shift perspectives.

Powerful change and personal commitment come from the distinctions between shift and change. A shift, internal to us, can be viewed of as an intended transition that creates movement from one distinct position or belief to another, thus making it possible for you to reframe problems as opportunities, increasing your prospects for success.

Change tends to be situational and external to us.  Professionally, you may have experienced corporations as doing change “to” people rather than “with” people.  In these cases, change (transitions) coaching is often a great place to start, leading to something bigger – a transformation of ability or potential aligned to your dreams, ambitions, strengths and values.  My coaching style is to meet you where you are.

Self-Awareness & Feedback = Personal Growth and Transformation

Self-awareness is your top-of-consciousness lens of perception.  Because each of us reacts, learns, and synthesizes information differently, it’s important to engage in self-reflection so you can better understand yourself. When we can comprehend, and harness this consciousness, we can then begin to shape our experiences fulfilling our greatest potential.

We may work to expand your self-awareness through  mindfulness  / character strengths awareness – most helpful and valuable as you connect all the aspects of your life’s work – qualities, memories, thoughts and feelings and strengths.   Grounded in Positive Psychology, as a certified coach, I am mindful of how my own top 2 character strengths, love of learning and creativity, can benefit my clients.

We may find strengths overuse, a type of strengths blindness a coaching opportunity.  Curiosity, openness and acceptance are a guiding force in my client coaching style.  Expanding self-awareness through a mindfulness / character strengths focus is deeply valuable in helping clients find and express themselves.  Along the coaching journey, I have found the strength of language, such as the shift from human doing to human being, creates a new depth of client understanding as you choose to move towards who you want to be.  Our words create worlds.

I have coached leaders, managers, supervisors, individuals and business owners.

Examples include:

  • I coached 7 consecutive Division VP (DVP) location heads during a 5-year period of corporate turmoil with a Fortune100 global pharmaceutical division operating under a decade long Federal Government (FDA) Consent Decree impacting moral and business, simultaneously coaching incoming and outgoing DVPs across the globe. Further assignments included ongoing coaching over a 6-12 month period.
  • I designed and delivered 50 two-part Leader as Coach workshops for F100 management members. These four-hour workshops built skills and knowledge delivering a “coach and develop” vision, developing awareness around concrete behavioral examples of leadership competencies.  Utilizing my workshop dialog and development of talent management tools, leaders advanced their dialog from the “what” of leadership to the “how” of leaders: How the leader is present in the context of the business and shifting business situations. Leader dialog included the exploration of the leader as a person, the behavior of the leader, the effects of the leader, and the interaction process between leader and employee.
  • I also transformed 250 managers as talent developers– aligning bench strength, building corporate talent management and succession programs. The final workshop introduced a 4-hour Manager as Coach development model utilizing The Coaching Clinic®, transforming 250 leaders to talent developers.
  • For a period of five years following a large merger, I traveled the country coaching 200 corporate leaders and key contributors toward new corporate performance standards and goals or in the direction of new horizons outside the company.
  • I coached 20 High Potential Leaders advancing dialog from information to awareness and actions.  I also developed an internal coaching community of practice, coaching staff members toward completion of their coaching certification to serve as internal coaches for an employee population of 1600 employees.

From the perspective of career development, performance enrichment or transitions, your coaching may include the following shifts:

  • From managing results to developing employees’ strengths
  • From telling or talking at staff to drawing pictures / models when making points
  • From pushing for more results to helping subordinate widen their gap
  • From asking employee to change their behavior to helping them to shift / grow who they are
  • Better coping strategies under stressful situations in work and everyday life

So, how do you choose to align self-awareness and personal development?

What’s your motivation and how can I help? It all starts with your call or email.

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John T. Mooney is the founder of Career2Retirement. He is an accomplished practitioner of many decades leading human resource, organizational development, talent & change management enterprises across several industries ranging from 100 to 100,000 employees.    As a seasoned professional development practitioner, talent management expert and certified coach, John helps clients develop new ideas, visualize new goals, embrace new strategies, acquire new skills and pursue individual growth opportunities.  As a transitions expert, he also helps pre-retirees and retirees explore what’s possible and discover their dreams.

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